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FirePHP is designed to support multiple different clients via open protocols. The open source Insight system is used to collect data on the server and any client that integrates Insight can display this data using common JavaScript/HTML/CSS UI components.

The intent is to eventually have Insight support baked right into IDEs and developer tools.


While the underlying design and implementation, in theory, already supports multiple clients, it needs to settle a bit more and must be better organized and documented to make this a reality. For now the Insight system is being incubated as part of DeveloperCompanion and will be released as a first-class open source ecosystem of tools and libraries for multiple programming languages in future.

Fully Featured Clients


DeveloperCompanion is the preferred client for FirePHP 1.0 on Firefox 4+ and implements the full Insight and thus FirePHP 1.0 feature set.

All core features as previously provided by the FirePHP Firefox Extension are free to be used.

DeveloperCompanion Install Button

If Firebug 1.5+ is installed, messages may be routed to the Firebug Console. Make sure Firebug is open and the Console and Net panels are enabled!

DeveloperCompanion includes additional opt-in features aimed at making developers highly efficient. Licensing proceeds support the further development of FirePHP and related technologies as well as the development of a new kind of toolchain by Christoph Dorn, author of FirePHP.

Partial Featured Clients

FirePHP Firefox Extension

The FirePHP Firefox Extension hosted at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firephp/ is deprecated. Use DeveloperCompanion instead if you can.

The FirePHP Firefox Extension is the client to the FirePHP Server Library originally written in 2007. Since then, the code has gotten out of hand after numerous compatibility adjustments as FirePHP, Firebug and Firefox evolved over the years. Now that the FirePHP project is shifting its focus 100% to the server library only and multiple clients are desired it has been decided to phase out the extension. That being said there will continue to be maintenance releases for the FirePHP Firefox Extension to keep it compatible with Firefox and Firebug.

In the interest of supporting Insight and the stack of technologies being developed (see FireConsole below) it has been decided to direct existing users of the FirePHP Firefox Extension to upgrade to DeveloperCompanion which implements the same core features and is free to use with FirePHP 1.0.

Any user who dislikes the fact that DeveloperCompanion is closed source will be happy to know that FireConsole (see below) will take the place of the FirePHP Firefox Extension in future.

Planned Clients


http://fireconsole.org/ is a FirePHP Extension replacement project that was originally intended to be used to incubate the Insight system in a collaborative fashion. While working on the project it was discovered that things were changing too much too often for a group of people to stay in sync and the underlying technologies were not mature enough to support a wider audience.

It was thus decided that development of Insight and related projects would happen much more quickly if it was worked on more privately and integrated into a product that can provide a testbed, gain awareness and provide funding for Insight. This product is DeveloperCompanion with the aim to provide the toolset needed to integrate Insight into any codebase. Any Insight and thus FirePHP and more generally PHP user can become more efficient by licensing DeveloperCompanion and in turn support the development of all underlying technologies as DeveloperCompanion is a slim application on top of a state-of-the-art 100% open source stack.

The FireConsole project will be rebooted when Insight is ready to be integrated into other clients and provide an MIT licensed reference implementation on how to do so.

Homepage: Sourcemint.com


Sourcemint is incomplete ALPHA technology and continuously evolving in sync with underlying and related projects. Production ready aspects will be documented and made available in time. Your Feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Sourcemint is one of the results of intense focus by Christoph Dorn over the past several years and continuous exploration throughout Christoph's interest in software development over the past 15+ years.

Sourcemint is the love child of one person guided by the voices of passionate developers at the top of their game who are leading the industry into a new era of software development.


Sourcemint is an integral part of Christoph's work intended to realize his dream of one global toolchain under which components may be arbitrarily combined into maintainable mission critical systems by providing an all-encompassing and organized package repository from which consistent and autonomic systems may be built.

Sourcemint provides an automated software building and integration service as well as an intelligent software delivery network to distribute built software to all deployed systems and Internet users.

This means an arbitrary (code, configuration, network, ...) change may be made to a software system which can then be automatically built, tested, distributed and deployed. Every change constitutes a completely new system made possible by the fact that changes, any changes, are cheap and fully tested in every way before going live.

Just imagine what this means in your daily work.


Automated software builds, continuous integration processes, streamlined issue trackers, community supported software, source control, online collaboration and automated cloud deployment have wet our appetite but hardly scratch the surface of what it actually means to have a completely automated production cycle from idea to delivery. The full potential is only realized once these separate solutions addressing different areas work together harmoniously.

What has been missing is new ways of looking at how to build software.


Christoph's work provides a new way to build software that is not necessarily new in the sense of ideas or technology but rather arrangement and timing. Christoph has through exploration and experimentation distilled current cutting edge technology, knowledge and wisdom into a toolchain platform called PINF available open source under the MIT license to realize a new breed of software.

Imagine software and systems that just work and are a pleasure to maintain.

Sourcemint is built entirely on PINF, as is all of Christoph's work, and can be used by any developer to tap into the power of the PINF approach to build open source or commercial libraries, frameworks, applications, systems and services.

Christoph's hope is that PINF and related projects will provide a foundation for developers to cooperate more widely and experiment with new ideas by eliminating some of the major constraints imposed by traditional toolchains. Traditional toolchains create systems that typically rot because they are practically impossible to refactor. We need a toolchain such as PINF which has refactorability designed into its core.

Let's create software that breathes with life and is in large part self-sustaining!


Join Christoph in his mission to help you, the developer, and help yourself by broadly applying the tools and approaches you know work to all of your work. Lean on PINF, your mind is begging you. Learn it, teach others, and let your inspiration soar!

Follow Sourcemint and PINF on twitter to watch for news of cutting-edge tools, tutorials and services coming online. You can also follow Christoph's work directly.